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UNDP, with support from Sweden and Norway, launched in January 2020 the Ocean Innovation Challenge, the first of several planned challenges aimed at accelerating progress on SDG Target 14.1: marine pollution reduction.  Proving the tremendous global interest in addressing this issue, UNDP received over 600 concept proposals to address the first challenge.   

Following a rigorous and demanding process of internal and external review and assessment, UNDP has selected its first cohort of Ocean Innovators. These innovations cut across a wide range of technological, policy, regulatory and other innovative approaches to reducing marine pollution. Meet our Ocean Innovators in this short intro video (right) and below for more information. Read also the news about the Ocean Innovators on the UNDP Newsroom.


Here are highlights of the progress the first cohort innovators are making (as of January 2022). To see more details on their progress, view the individual profiles below.