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One of the 17 Goals promoted by the United Nations to achieve sustainable development is the conservation and sustainable use of the Oceans, which entails a necessary reduction in marine pollution, one of its causes being the inadequate and excessive use of synthetic fertilizers.

In 2020, the United Nations Development Program launched the Ocean Innovation Challenge initiative to identify and support transformative solutions that contribute to restoring and protecting our coasts and oceans.

The Ficosterra Nutrialgae project was one of the 8 projects selected in the world to demonstrate that the application of the natural biostimulants manufactured by Ficosterra based on seaweed and microorganisms contribute to the reduction of the use of synthetic fertilizers while at the same time being able to increase crop productivity.

Ficosterra presents the testimonies of agricultural scientists and technicians from Baja California, Mexico, who led this research project also developed in Morocco, in collaboration with the Hassan II University.