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With support from the OIC and in cooperation with Zero Waste Maldives, adelphi GmbH helped the Government of the Maldives put in place a national Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) framework to help the Maldives close the loop on plastics wastes and reduce ocean pollution.

The online capstone event discussed the waste management challenges faced by small island developing states (SIDS) while shedding light on the effectiveness of EPR as an adequate policy solution.

The 60-minute event highlighted the experience and lessons learned from the Maldives to inspire other SIDS in their efforts to combat plastic pollution and improve waste management practices. The EPR manual, especially prepared for SIDS countries to provide practical information and guidance on implementing EPR frameworks in SIDS, was presented to a global audience for the first time.

Experts, practitioners, and stakeholders in the field of waste management gathered at this event in a unique opportunity to gain valuable insights, share experiences, and collectively work towards effective solutions for plastic pollution in SIDS.