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The Prize is presented by BCI as part of an endorsed programme of the United Nations Decade of Ocean Science for Sustainable Development, and is designed to advance the goals of the Ocean Decade and the Sustainable Development Goals. The Prize is presented in collaboration with the Sustainable Ocean Alliance.

The Ocean Innovation Prize (OIP) will be awarded for market-based innovation that addresses climate change mitigation through human-centered, ocean-related solutions, inspired by the Blue Climate Initiative’s 40+ Transformational Opportunities. The proposals must incorporate an innovative technology, practice, model, approach or idea that is capable of being scaled to have an impact on climate change. Applicants can represent a for-profit, non-profit, an individual or a group of collaborators. Commercial viability and scale potential can be demonstrated through products/services for consumers, for businesses, for governments or for other entities. The BCI takes a holistic view of “innovation” -- a new or under-used technology, practice, model, approach or idea -- and “science” -- evidence-based knowledge encompassing a broad range of areas including, for example, biology, engineering, chemistry, social sciences, etc. The offering must have proof of concept or early momentum and must be able to be implemented within 1 year, achieve results within 1-3 years, be co-designed or co-delivered by knowledge generators and users, and be designed to scale within 2-4 years.

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