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Photo: Ashwa Faheem / UNDP Maldives

UNDP Ocean Innovation Challenge (OIC) innovators have seen significant progress in their work and gained global exposure in demonstrating their transformative, replicable and scalable innovations. Let's look at the outputs and outcomes, and achievements from the hard work of the ocean innovators in 2022 - the Super Year for the Ocean. 


First Cohort of UNDP Ocean Innovators on Reducing Marine Pollution 


   An EPR Scheme for plastic and packaging wastes by adelphi GmbH


   Phos-Value: Sustainable solutions for nutrient recycling by AquaInSilico 


   Establishment of a PET recovery and buy-back center by UNDP Comoros Country Office


  Global Plastics Policy Inventory by Duke University 

      Nutrialgae – Novel sustainable algae-based fertilizers by Ficosterra

   Reducing microfiber pollution from the fashion industry by Forum for the Future

   Fortuna Coconut Coolers by Fortuna Cools

   Promoting laws to protect our oceans by Fundacion OneSea 



Second Cohort of Ocean Innovators on Sustainable Fisheries and Aquaculture


   Increasing Economic Benefits for Women fish processors by IPNLF-Maldives


   Illegal, unreported, and unregulated fishing and unsustainable behaviour of Distant Water Fishing Fleets by ODI 


  Bycatch Reduction Technologies in the Ecuadorian Gillnet Fishing Fleets by SafetyNet Technologies


   Value Rescue of Small-Scale Fisheries in Mexico by SmartFish Rescate de Valor AC


   A Space-Based Maritime Surveillance System for Fisheries Monitoring and Anomaly Detection by Surrey Space Centre


   Universal Fishery IDs: Expanding transparency, data flow, and equity for fisheries globally by Sustainable Fisheries Partnership Foundation


   Innovative fisheries management and aquaculture practices for Caribbean Spiny Lobster by University of Exeter


   Ending IUU in Peruvian small-scale fisheries through traceability technology by WWF-Peru 


   Renewable energy technologies to reduce post harvest loss and improve Small-Scale Tuna Fisheries by Yayasan IPNLF Indonesia