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Launch of eDhumashi


"Dhumashi," the traditional fish rack, symbolizes the Maldives' rich fishing heritage.



Now, it's also the name of an e-commerce platform that's empowering women fishers and revolutionizing the industry. Developed by the International Pole and Line Foundation (IPNLF) with support from the UNDP Ocean Innovation Challenge, eDhumashi connects women fishers directly with buyers, boosting their livelihoods and championing sustainable practices.


supplier with edhumashiBreaking barriers, building opportunities

For Maldivian women in the fishery, challenges abound: limited market access, unreliable buyers, and lack of financial support hinder their potential. eDhumashi tackles these obstacles, offering a user-friendly digital marketplace with a Dhivehi language version – a first in the Maldives.

"I truly believe this is the application the people in the outer islands need to tap into the markets in the capital.," says Dr. M. Shiham Adam, IPNLF Maldives Director. Recognizing that technology alone isn't enough, IPNLF provided training to women like Mariyam Fazuna of Ga. Gemanafushi.

"We now understand what the market needs and how to ensure quality," she remarks.

eDhumashi gives women control over their products' marketing and branding. This, coupled with expanded market reach, increases their bargaining power and maximizes earnings across the entire value chain. Gemanafushi Council President Ibrahim Nashid sees eDhumashi as a bridge between island communities and wider markets.


A Sustainable Future, powered by women

IPNLF, known for promoting one-by-one tuna fisheries, understands that sustainability and livelihoods are intertwined. eDhumashi fosters both, supporting women while ensuring the ocean's bounty for generations to come. In the Maldives, the UNDP Ocean Innovation Challenge, with funding from Sida and Norad, made this possible, demonstrating that innovation can conserve our oceans and uplift coastal communities.

"Dhumashi," a symbol of tradition, now represents a future where Maldivian women fishers thrive.

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After the training workshop on eDhumashi

Photos: IPNLF Maldives