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Credit: PacMan Reilly Durfy Unsplash

The Pacific Islands Marine Bioinvasion Alert Network (PacMAN: project is organizing a training course which will provide an introduction to sample collection and sorting, including taxonomy and processing for DNA extraction, eDNA and qPCR analyses, as well as a quick guide on the use of the bioinformatics for sequence analysis to in-country (Fiji) managers and technical staff.

By the end of the course the participants should be able to:

  1. Collect samples through the various methods used in PacMAN;
  2. Understand the benefits and challenges of eDNA sampling and its use in biodiversity monitoring;
  3. Understand the processes involved in taxonomy (e.g. gross sorting, routine simplified processing and identification steps to group organisms and record this information appropriately);
  4. Know how to conduct DNA extractions on 3 different marine sample types as well as troubleshooting any problems;
  5. Know how to conduct PCR amplification and understand teh principles of metabarcoding;
  6. Run qPCR analyses for target organisms using established probes;
  7. Run a query search on global databases after sequence information is received;
  8. Entering data and understand the basics of sequence analysis with bioinformatics.



  • Craig Sherman (Deakin University - Lead trainer)
  • Dr. Chaminda Dissanayake (BAF qPCR specialist)
  • Mr. Joape Ginigini, USP (Co-facilitator and training coordinator)
  • Dr. Gilianne Brodie, USP (Marine scientific advisor and Assistant facilitator)
  • Miri Vuiyasawa, USP (Assistant facilitator and Training liaison for communications and logistics)
  • Mr. Ward Appeltans (OBIS project manager)
  • Mr. Pieter Provoost (OBIS data manager)
  • Dr. Saara Suominen (OBIS scientific officer)
  • Dr. Elizatbeth Lawrence (OBIS training officer)