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Credit: Cordap

G20 CORDAP is committed to making an impact in bridging the gap between current and needed capabilities when it comes to saving tropical coral reefs and deepwater corals.

Through our funding awards, CORDAP encourages the best minds in the world, in a transdisciplinary approach, to propose ideas and concepts that will accelerate international research and development to provide the technologies and innovations needed to secure a future for corals.

The Coral Accelerator Program (CAP) will fund international collaborative teams with impactful ideas in coral conservation and restoration. Awards will cover the full range of innovative projects from early stage to final proof of concept development and testing.

Successful applicants will be awarded funding up to USD$ 1.5 million per project which can last from one to three years.

The deadline for submission of Concept Notes is November 1, 2022, at 17:00 UTC.